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Slovene Geography

The site is quite good at locating towns and villages in Central and Eastern Europe.

The regions of Slovenia - Slovenija is composed of several regions.  These regions are referred to in many documents that a genealogist may encounter.  You may learn about them at this link.

Slovene Genealogy

Federation of East European Family History Societies

Home Page of the Slovenian Genealogy Society International

     *Minnesota Chapter of the Slovenian Genealogy Society International

IHRC Guide: Slovene American Collection - The Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota

SloveniaGenWeb - The Slovenia part of the WorldGenWeb.  The WorldGenWeb Project is a non-profit, volunteer based organization dedicated to providing genealogical and historical records and resources for world-wide access!

General Genealogy

The Ellis Island Records Search Page - Many Slovene people arrived in the USA by way of Ellis Island.  This searchable database is very valuable.

Cyndi's List - An internet favorite

Genealogy Software -  Please see comments on genealogy software in the FAQ.

Slovene Language Links

Terry J. Cestnik's Slovenian Language Page - A great introduction to the language.

NEW Web Translation System from Translation Experts - They have many products and a free Web Translation service.

The Presis Translation System is a tool for translating texts from and into Slovene.  Presis has translation products for sale, but this link points to their free demo web page.  This site does a better job than others reviewed, but no computer will ever be as good as a human.  Thanks to Mary Urban for finding this link.

Selected chapters from the book - Slovene for Travelers.

Slovenian: Basic multilingual phrases - Has English phonetics to help you pronounce the words.

Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language at the University of Ljlubljana

General Slovenija Links

Jo?ef Stefan Institute - Some interesting links to information about Slovenija.

Virtual Slovenija - This site has both Slovene and English links that are well maintained.

Radio Slovenija - If you wish to listen to a radio broadcast from Slovenija, try one of the three different programs available.

Quarterly Magazine SLOVENIJA - A beautiful magazine about a beautiful country.  Look at what they offer, and you will want to subscribe to it.

Electronic Phone Directory of Slovenija - Great for searching for relatives and their phone numbers.


Slovene Heritage (mostly for Americans)

Slovenian Women's Union of America - A group "To reach individuals by uniting them through their common interest in Slovenian culture and traditions."  (They let guys into the organization, too.)

The Slovene National Benefit Society was founded in 1904 to provide affordable life insurance protection to immigrant Slovenian families.  There are links here for Slovenian Heritage and for an SNPJ Recreation Center is the Slovene National Benefit Society's premier family vacation spot, offering activities for members and guests of all ages.

KSKJ -The American  Slovenian Catholic Union - Famous for life insurance and other investment products.

The Iron Range Research Center is a part of Iron World Discovery Center in Chisholm Minnesota USA.  Iron World is the largest museum complex on the Iron Range that is dedicated to preserving the region's mining and immigration history.  Find mining and cultural history for Slovenes and other ethnic groups.

Personal Web Pages of People with something in common with this web site.

This is an area where I will post links to the web pages of people with a same name as in my family tree, some association to the Iron Range, especially Biwabik, Slovene heritage or whatever.  If you want your page listed here, please let me know.

Paul Stopnik's Slovenian roots are also from Biwabik.  You can find his information at

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*The English spelling is Slovenia, the people of Slovenija spell it with the "j."  It's their country, so when reasonable, it will be spelled the real way here.  Note:  the "j" is pronounced the same way as in German, like an English "Y."  Hint: The pronunciation is essentially the same. See the language links above. Home