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Updated: 23 Nov 2009

This web site is for sharing information about genealogy, and especially, the names Šerek, (Sherek), Samec, Dolinšˇek, (Dolinshek), Pokovec, Zeleznikar, Peterka, Močilnikar and Begelj. 

Please note:  the m_o_v_i_e is spelled S h r e k and can be reached at
w w w .s h r e k. c o m.  Our family name is Sherek. 

Sherek isn't a very common name.  There are three groups of Shereks in the U.S.: the Minnesota Iron Range Sherek family starting in Biwabik, where I am from, the Texas Sherek family and the Western Minnesota/Eastern Dakota Sherek family. 

I have spoken with members of the other two other Sherek groups and have learned some things about them. 

To learn more, take a look at:
The Minnesota Iron Range Sherek Family Page
The Western Minnesota and Eastern Dakota's Sherek Family Page
The Texas Sherek Family Page.

Also, many of the families from Texas and Western Minnesota are listed in the WorldConnect database.  Please note that this is not an endorsement for WorldConnect.  It is just another source of information supplied by families.

Comparing pictures of Martin from the Texas group, and Joseph from the Biwabik group shows some remarkable similarities.  You will also find links to other Texas family pictures there.

Since all four of my grandparents emigrated to the U.S. from Slovenia, I am attempting to learn more about that country and its language.  I spent all of July 2000 in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the Summer School of the Slovene language.  I met some wonderful people from Slovenia and all over the world.  I recommend this to anybody with the interest who can take this trip.  It was great!  You may see some of the fantastic beauty in these Photos from Slovenia.

If you are in the area near Višˇnja Gora in Slovenija, be sure to stop at the Gostilna Šerek.  It is no longer owned by the Šerek family, but is run by some very nice people and offers good food.

Our wish is to expand the information available on this web site. Since this site is well known to search engines, you are welcome to submit links about any of these names, or those about Slovenia. It is not necessary for you to be a confirmed relative to have links here. Information contributions are not only welcome, they are strongly desired.

--Jerry Sherek

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