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The information contained in these web pages is the beginning of realizing a dream that I have had for several years.  I became much more active in learning about my family history in 1997 after having the opportunity to visit with wonderful relatives in Slovenia.  The excitement of seeing the farmstead where my grandmother was born had a great impact on me.  If you are a mathematician, that farmstead is also the birthplace of Jurij Vega.  He is not a relative and lived there nearly a century and a half before my grandmother was born, but a Slovenian Mathematical Society supports a museum in the current house that is dedicated to him.  A relative of mine conducts the tours of the museum.

Technology has now progressed far enough to allow a high-speed connection to the internet at a very reasonable price.  Because of this I will attempt to document information on anybody with a name that is in my family tree.  If you share a name with those listed on the main page, I will be happy to put your family's story here.  You do not have to be a blood relative* to display your information here.

Do yourself a favor!  If you haven't started to document your family history, start today.  Some of the best starting points for genealogy research are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Unfortunately time marches on, and we lose those very same people.  Talk to them, and be sure to thank them, while you can.

*I read something a few years ago, that said genetic testing has shown that nobody on earth is more distantly related than 51st cousin.  Maybe it is 52nd cousin now, but no matter what the number, I can still say welcome to my site "cousin."


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