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Last Modified 16 Nov 2010

This information about my Zeleznikar and Begelj relatives was found on my grandfather Matt Dolinshek's birth certificate.

The surname Železnikar originates in the place names Železniki and Železnica. It is formed using the suffix -ar and originally denoted "one who dwells in that place or one who came from that place." Derivation is also possible with -ar from the surname Železnik or the place name Železniki to stress the difference between a surname and a place name or with -ikar from the place Železno. The surname Železnik can be formed with the suffix -ik from the place name or name of hamlet Železno, etc., or taken from the word "Železnik" meaning "suit of armour, cuirassier," "bench" and "a type of a plant" (See Pleteržnik, II, 956). The surname Železen, though, originates in the adjective "Železen" ("iron") and could have originally meant "solid, of body or health." The surname Železinger is a Germanized form of the surname Železnikar in which the German suffix -(ing)er has the same formation function and meaning as the Slovene -(ik)ar. 

This explanation is from a series on the origin of Slovene names by Dr. Janez Bogataj appeared in the quarterly magazine Slovenia. Unfortunately the magazine is no longer being published. Home