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The group from western Minnesota and eastern North and South Dakota, had a name that was very different than our name in Slovenia. There are several "American" versions of that spelling, one of which is Sherek. They are probably not related to the Iron Range Sherek family.

Even though we are not likely relatives, members of that family are welcome to contact me about having their family information and/or pictures included on this web site.

  (If you have information that could change this opinion, please let me know.) 

Links that may be helpful for this group:

Walsh County, ND Cemetery Transcriptions - Index, Volume 25

Cemetery Inscription Index, Volume 25, Cemeteries of North Dakota, published by the Red River Valley Genealogy Society (RRVGS).  


Cass County, ND, City of Fargo - Volume A, Funeral Home Index Surnames "Q - U"

Volume A Covers the years 1920 thru 1992 and January - February 1993.

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