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It was interesting for me to find out that the Texas Shereks' name in the "Old Country" was also ?erek. 

They did, however, come from a different part of slavic Europe. They came from Moravia, a region that is part of the current Czech Republic. 

It was Martin and Aneska ?erek who arrived in America less than 10 years before the Minnesota Shereks, in 1889.

Martin and his wife entered through the port of Galveston, Texas.  Did you see the Martin and Aneska Portrait and the Martin and Aneska Family Portrait?

To learn more about this Sherek family, take a look at http://www.iarelative.com/czech/sea0998a.htm and search for Sherek.

Here is another interesting site for general Texas Czech information.

I welcome additional content from members of this branch. 

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